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TRANSFORMANCE : Farida Yesmin | The Scar

But the multiple lives of performance, dissected, represented, re-performed by this volume suggest that one of performance’s most consistent and recurring conditions is transformation. Perhaps then, one should search less for its ontology and more for its ontogeneses: the many natures of its becoming”.

Adrian Heathfield, Perform, Repeat, Record (p 32)

Transformance is a practice-as-research project where live performance, documentation, translation and .transformation meet. It is a process of artistic exchange and creation.

We are inviting performance artists (or any practitioner who considers their work a live performance) to submit a proposal for a NEW performance (that hasn’t been presented in front of a public audience before) to be presented and transformed into creative documentation by DARC members.

The successful applicant will be invited to an encounter with DARC members. At least three members of DARC will be present during this encounter and will create the document(s) of your performance. The nature of how the documentation takes place will be customized to the nature of the performance.

We will offer:

  1. A studio space for your performance, if required

  2. A rich creative exchange with a collective of multi-disciplined artists

  3. Feedback (if requested) from a specialist audience to your new performance

  4. A multi-faceted document in response to the performance

  5. A vehicle of diffusion and distribution of the work created through the website.

  6. An opportunity to test new ideas and experiment new approaches to documentation.

If you would like to be involved, click through to our Transformance application form here or contact us if you have any further questions.

TRANSFORMANCES from The Scar present: Farida Yesmin, Ernst Fischer, Manuel Vason, Minna Triin Kohv, Rubiane Maia, Tara Fatehi Irani, Patricio (Pato) Bosich and Jemima Yong

TRANSFORMANCE at LOST SENSES Here, the insights and skills acquired through Transformance are applied in the wider context of documenting the month long programme of  LOST SENSES, curated by Linda Rocco

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