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The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein – Splat! | Promotional Photography by Manuel Vason

Splat! – The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein

First presented at: Laban, Bonnie Bird Theatre, Creekside London SE8 3DZ Wednesday 14th November 2012 7.30 pm

The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein’s latest gigantasaurus spectacularus masterpiece explores how women are often portrayed as victims, and how that’s like really cool, because like people really don’t realize how much I suffer sometimes because I’m a woman. But actually, it’s about how, as women, we have the choice to choose and actually I can be my own hero, ya know? I’m a supercalifraglistic-wonder woman-womanizer-survivor-superstar, a poor innocent Bambi hunted by my incompetent stagehands forever dancing my way towards the sensational fame I deserve. The Famous Lauren Barri Holstein is a fantabulous woman/artist who has toured her choreographic productions throughout the UK, such as her last show How 2 Become 1 in which she laid a dozen eggs and had a pregnancy scare. From Laban to Fierce Festival, from Duckie to SPILL Festival of Performance, The Famous has brought delight and dismay, pleasure and panic, entertainment and nausea, to her audiences. Love her, hate her, say what you want about her, but all of the boys and all of the girls are begging to be just like her.

This new work sees The Famous work with new and long term collaborators including Hrafnhildur Benediktsdóttir, Lucy McCormick (GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN), and Laura Hemming-Lowe. Marty Langthorne is a Lighting Designer and Bernd Fauler is the Production Manager.

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