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The Artist is Hidden | Seven Daring Pieces of Russian Performance Art

Every two years as part of the Special Program of the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Solyanka State Gallery undertakes field research of the current situation in Russian performance art. Such exhibits as Nine Days, Artists’ Zoo became important events as they have demonstrated collaborative efforts of the best artists in this genre: from Yelena Kovylina and Liza Morozova to Anatoly Zhigalov/Natalya Abalakova and Andrey Kuzkin. Being the only performance-dedicated gallery in Russia, Solyaka has gathered leading professionals of the artistic world for special screenings, roundtables, lectures and workshops. Students of the PYRFYR night performance school were also active participants of the exhibits. In 2015, Solyanka will present a special project for the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art again. It will be the Artist is Hidden project – the third group exhibit of Russian performance that will prove again that performance exists as an art genre in Russia.

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