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Sully Night with Luísa Nóbrega – Voice and Gesture

Tuesday 14th of June – 7.30 till 11.00 pm DARC Collective is hosting its monthly Sully Night, an evening of artists gathering, discussion, presentation and contamination. Luísa Nóbrega will introduce us her art practice and provoke a discussion about voice and gesture.

DARC Studio 8-10 Rhoda Street London E2 7EF We will provide food – bring some drinks. The event is open to a maximum of 40 so if you would like to attend please send us an email

Here a small text from Luisa: In a multidisciplinary practice including action, moving image, sound and text, Luisa Nobrega investigates the voices that emerge from the friction zones in between body and language, biology and culture, voice and identity. In this talk, she will focus in the relationship between the voice and the gesture – these ambiguous elements which often betray language, saying more, perhaps, than we would like others to know. The mouth, and the hand are peculiar, hybrid organs, which draw the boundaries between the subject and the world – in between body and language, biology and culture, inside and outside. The hand grasps, cuts, signs, hits, scratches, caresses.The mouth is simultaneously the gate of the food and the catapult of language – it chews the food, swallows the water, but also spells the word, let the cry come out.

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