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Sully Night | 4 July | ‘Citing Site’ with Tracing the Pathway

Join us for our next Sully Night with Tracing the Pathway:

Citing Site: Documentation as Traces of Place Making Tuesday 4 July, 2017 | 7:30 – 10 PM (presentation starts at 8 PM) DARC Studio, 8-10 Rhoda Street, London, E2 7EF

Tracing the Pathway invite you to join them in an (a)live essay reading that performatively cites how the collective engage with sites and the ways in which they present and represent the locations they live, work and play in. Flicking backward and forward through the chapters of their practice, Tracing the Pathway will open the collective to the Sully gathering as the pages of a book may be offered to a reading group. Together we will reflect on the creativity of documentation as a practice that writes, cites and reconfigures itself live, whilst participants help to dismantle and disrupt Tracing the Pathway’s past, present and future archive. The Sully Night therefore acts as a bookmark to place mark and to pause our attention on that evening’s page.

Tracing the Pathway (TTP) is an artist-led collective that explore the relationships that form between body, site and encounter. Their processes are soft, processual and organic, investigating the ways in which people share their personal experiences of a place, exchange stories, gift traces and represent the past to form sustainable relationships between people and the sites they inhabit. Current collective members are: Cara Davies, Mads Floor Andersen and Ashleigh Griffith. As artists, curators, and researchers, they produce site or situation-specific interdisciplinary artworks, developing microcosmic worlds as catalysts for exploration and exchange with different communities.

photo credit: Tracing the Pathway (2015) Fluid Ecologies: Nuuk


Sully Nights are free monthly artist gatherings organised by DARC. To attend either check in on our Facebook event or email info@darcmedia Some food will be provided – BYOB!!

Click here to find out about DARC’s past Sully Nights.

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