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Sanctity and Male Desire

Saint Alex_61 x 50 cm, Mixed media on canvas

Saint Jose- Self-portrait_30 x 25_ cm, Mixed media on canvas--

Saint Victor- Algora_84 x 64 cm, Mixed media on Canvas-

Saint Tomas_95x 65 cm, Mixed media on Canvas

Saint Marcos - Brixton Boy _100 x100 cm, Mixed media on canvas

Saint Rafael_42 x30 cm, Mixed media on canvas

Sanctity and Male Desire is a new series of paintings exploring the crossing between memory and identity. The series celebrates the physicality and sensuality of the male body and its flesh. As well, it confronts the meanings of the homoerotic fetishism and religion observing the sexual pleasure of our multicultural environment, embracing pop and kitsch culture. This series takes inspiration from the anonymous fashionable well toned male bodies seen in adverts and vintage photography. It also references a certain aspect of homoerotic imagery; I indeed focused in particular on the fascination for men’s muscles and the appropriation of masculine sexual icons. This series of paintings is influenced by catholic iconography from the Renaissance period. The use of Liquid Leaf aims to add an effective metallic finish in order to symbolize purity and to merge both meanings of sacred flesh and sensuality. The pieces are painted in gray tones, using isolated black white and gray hues that contradict the complexity and power of the work. They reinforce the glow glitter background, which flushes out colour in order to highlight their formal structure.

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