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LAND PROJECT, Lisa Parra and Daniel Pinheiro

LAND PROJECT (Portugal, 2014)

LAND PROJECT (online rehearsals)


LAND PROJECT / Is a series of encounters between choreographer, Lisa Parra and media artist, Daniel Pinheiro. The on-line encounters are both performative and experimental to investigate the possibilities of live performance in a mediated space. Concept: Lisa Parra & Daniel Pinheiro / The project focuses on exploring notions of time, space, performance and the body within the context of online communication. We investigate ideas surrounding physical versus virtual space and how the digital disembodiment can be translated into artifacts that behold an overall idea of participatory distance. The intersection of time and space is such that space seems irrelevant of time during the experience of online encounters, leading us to question, how the perception of the “other” changes, and to further exploit the experience through alternative uses of telecommunication technologies for creating a clearer sense of proximity— How can communication be altered for sensing one another? As a result of our series of encounters thus far, we have developed a practice that involves a real-time interface that uses a multiple online screen spaces where bodies connected through the internet can use a script as a direct feed for actions and interactions that include text, sound and objects. Our aim is to continue the research and propose a study to experiment with alternative uses with real time telecommunication platforms to develop online methods for creating body-based performative work. Specifically, looking at how to explore the idea of live transformation where by editing visual and audio content in real-time so that to make it visible to others through mediated spaces, and thus becoming part of the performance.

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