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Jon John – THE TWO OF US | Video by Ana Godinho de Matos

In the two of us Jon explores themes of love and loss, the resilience of the broken heart and our yearning to heal and love again

For Jon John the act of love is one of the last surviving ecstatic rituals in our disposable society.

The intense physicality and emotional depth of Jon’s practice has been thrilling and inspiring international audiences for ten years.

Jon draws inspiration from many cultures and religious rituals throughout history. A young veteran of the body modification “scene” Jon has collaborated with notable artist such as Ron Athey, Kiril Bikov and Juano Diaz.

Jon John’s work is based on Ritualistic acts, going through various civilisations, cultures, religions, eras and aesthetics. Using ancient procédures and rites, merging them with his contemporary vision, Jon John shows us something very unique.

Jon John is a French artist working with video, photography, installation and most notably performance. John utilises the body; flesh, skin and blood as a vehicle for expression. His performances are famous for provoking, enlightening and moving its audience. Love, life and loss are combined with a veneration of ancient rituals to communicate his everyday life.

Filmed @ SPILL Festival of Performance 2014

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