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Giovanna Maria Casetta – A DESCENT INTO GLAMOUR | Video by Ana Godinho de Matos

A woman descends wearing a sumptuous pink satin gown inspired by Christian Dior. The train continues to unfold as she walks filling and dressing the space effortlessly. Evoking nostalgia for a glamorous era long gone. A visual feast to behold.

However, all is not as it seems to be. Beneath the surface, a descent into glamour raises many issues, especially those around female invisibility, past and present notions about the quest for the “perfect female form” and the cost at which this is achieved.

Giovanna Maria Casetta is an Ipswich-based artist working in performance, 8mm film, and installation. a constant theme running through her practice is the tension between the surface and what lies beneath. Giovanna’s recent work involves using physical and psychological forensic processes to determine how fragile and unique memory is and that the contact traces we leave behind can often betray us.

@ SPILL Festival of Performance 2014

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