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Empress Stah & SPILL Festival | Promotional Photography by Manuel Vason

Empress Stah in Space

More info HERE

02/11/2012, 03/11/2012

Empress Stah in Space is part of an ongoing project with a long-term ambition; to create a performance in outer space. As part of this research, Empress Stah has floated in ‘Zero Gravity' and made a film as ‘The Stah Ship Trooper,’ strutting her stuff in the red light district of Amsterdam.

The performance is set at the ‘Edge of chaos,’ and will attempt to create a lens to gaze into the essence of the human experience. The narrative has been transcribed through trance and writing sessions between Empress Stah and seminal artist Ron Athey, which took place at Bentwaters in Suffolk, the site of the biggest purported UFO/Military incident in Europe.

“Cult status” – The Stage

Expect interactive 3D animations, video mapping projections, colour-changing inflatables, couture costuming, gravity-defying performance, and an eclectic soundtrack with original music by electroclash superstar, Peaches (The Teaches of Peaches, I Feel Cream).

Hailing from the underground cabaret circuit, Empress Stah delivers genre-defying performances that fuse sublime aerial artistry and thought-provoking acts. Ron Athey is an internationally renowned performance and body artist from Los Angeles.

Tickets £8 Concessions £12

Written and performed by Empress Stah Direction Ron Athey Original Track by Peaches Sound Design by Jose Macabra Projections by Prick Image & VjNeMo Lighting Design by Al Orange Text and narration by Lydia Lunch Face corset designer Patrick Ian Hartley Supported by Arts Council England, Queen Mary University, Circus Space, TG Productions, and Supper Club London.

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