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Bishi – ALBION VOICE | Video by Ana Godinho de Matos

Albion Voice is cross music, technology, and performance presentation. Songs from the album of the same name are performed whilst Bishi is immersed in visuals, projected over and around her to form an environment of ever-shifting lines and perspective.

Albion Voice is an exciting piece of music and modern theatre that explores the themes of national identity. Bishi sings in English, Bengali, Bulgarian and biblical Greek to reflect the Babylonian nature of London and all world cities today. From Bulgarian throat singing to the experimental work of Meredith Monk; Christian choral music to traditional Indian song this is an eclectic yet coherent work of style and grandeur.

An independent artist with a reputation for unique and ambitious work, Bishi has been described as the doyenne of hybrid music.

Trained in both eastern and western classical traditions she has had an unusual musical journey; working alongside sitar gurus, club producers, and children’s choirs.

The work of Bishi, and long-term collaborator Matthew Glamorre, is created for the gallery, theatre, and cinema spaces as well as concert halls. During their six-year collaboration pieces have been presented in many international institutions and festivals including the Tate Modern, Hayward, and national galleries; The Pompidou Center, and the Kunsthaus, Graz.

@ SPILL Festival of Performance 2014

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