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Manuel Vason

is a member and founder of DARC. Vason’s artistic practice explores the relationship between photography and performance, presence and representation. He considers the capturing of a moment as an act of creation, a ritual towards the illusion of immortality, and an exchange between who is in front and who is behind the camera. The collaborative nature of his practice shapes a unique, hybrid art form and generates new vocabularies. His collaborations to date have produced some of the most iconic images of performance and his work has been published and presented internationally.

Holly Revell 

is an experienced photographer and videographer of live performance, particularly on the queer cabaret scene in London. She made her mark earlier this decade with her photo-booth installations ‘DARKROOM’ which set out to offer a live photographic ‘experience’ where participants were invited into her creations to explore, play and make images in the dark… These were done in art spaces and clubs in London and Manchester. Revell is interested in the experiential aspects of photography and the intimacy it creates between the photographer and the subject. She works collaboratively with performers and characters of interest on personal photography projects.


Ernst Fischer

is a performance artist with many years of experience in body and installation art, object making and text collaging. He was born and brought up in Munich, Germany, where he studied chemistry, social work and puppetry and was a member of the Freies Theater München for two years. After relocating to London in 1979 he obtained an Honours degree in Performing Arts at Middlesex University (1986), an MA in Drama and Theatre Studies at University of London, Royal Holloway and Bedford New College (1991), as well as a diploma from the Ivor Spenser International School for Butler Administrators;(London, 2001). He wrote his PhD thesis on ‘the uncanny space of living-room theatre and domestic performance’ at University of Roehampton (2003), where he is currently employed as a Creative Research Fellow.

Jemima Yong

is a performance maker and photographer from Singapore, Sarawak and London. She is interested in the function of art and the relationship between imagination and empathy. Collaboration is central to her practice as is experimentation and time. She performs with ROOM, a collective lucid dream experience for one audience member at a time, co-runs National Art Service and is photographer-in-residence at Forest Fringe.

Tara Fatehi by Jemima Yong.webp

Tara Fatehi Irani

is an Iranian multidisciplinary artist, performance-maker and writer working with fabricated histories, mistranslated memories and unattended archives. Her work is primarily concerned with the ephemeral interactions between memories, words and sites. The output of her practice ranges from performance (site-responsive, spoken word, body-based, participatory and audio-visual) to videos, sound recordings, installations, writings and anything in-between that is ‘live’.
She is fascinated by creative and performative ways of documenting everyday life, liveness and performance, and exploring new areas of making and thinking through responding to works by others. Her year-long daily projects ’30 Seconds of Today’ and ‘Mishandled Archive’ are two examples of her approach to documentation.

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