Sully Nights

April 17, 2016 in DARC Archive

  • Sully Night is an occasion for exchange.
  • Sully Night is a sort of creative virus.
  • Sully Night is an excuse for getting together.
  • Sully Night welcomes any input that can provoke an alternative view.
  • Sully Night will change in time.

Every first Tuesday Evening of every month DARC organises Sully Night.

As the name (sully is an old english term that refers to contamination) might suggest, the aim of the event is to gather together and share ideas. Most of the time we invite a guest artist, scientist, philosopher, thinker, to ignite a conversation toward a specific topic. Every Sully Night plays out differently and we like it to keep it free from structures. One thing that stays consistent however, is a break for some food that the collective home/studio cooks for the event.

If you would like to participate please send us an email [email protected]. We have a capacity of 40 people so do book your place in advance.

If you would like to be an invited guest and/or have a hot topic to discuss please do contact us.

Coming up…

Something Other: on ecologies
26 September 2017

7.30pm – 10.00pm

A History of Sully nights

An evening exhibition of Contemporary Drawings
with Pato Bosich, Raul Pina, Jorge Rojas Goldsack and guests
01 August 2017

City Site: Documentation as Traces of Place Making with Tracing the Pathway
04 July 2017


Erasure with Carolyn Roy
06 June 2017

Photo-books documenting performance with Holly Revell and Lois Keidan (Live Art Development Agency)
23 May 2017


Kickstarter campaign here.

Re/Creating the ‘Live Act’ with Ana de Matos
07 March 2017

Battle Dress with Alice Colquhoun
17 January 2017 


Transformance with DARC & Farida Yesmin
15 November 2016


Performing the Archive with Tara Fatehi Irani
02 August 2016


Queer Archives with Bird la Bird & Lavinia Co-Op
05 July 2016

Voice and Gesture with Luísa Nóbrega
14 June 2016

Tragedy with Jane Akudike & Filip Makowski
10 May 2016

Sully Double Bill
Form in Music with Joseph Davies and Meilyr Jones
Evolution and Survival of the Intimate with Buzz Baum 
05 April 2016

Performance and Sound with Max Eastley
01 March 2016