September 21, 2015 in DARC Archive

Drawings and collages on various painting at The National Gallery by Pato Bosich September 2015, London.

Recent drawings by Pato Bosich belonging to its series ‘Resuscitations’ which is based on its weekly visits to the National Gallery where a dialogue with the old masters materialises through direct drawing and later studio ink and wine washes on them.

This body of work consists in composing new images in direct response to the paintings. They resuscitate characters and elements of the originals, they  re scale,  sometimes repeating characters or situations and or making different composition co exist in the same new one.

The new elements in these works  arise out of a  reflection on the tradition by a contemporary sensibility,  this brings new departing points in which to understand them. For instance, the way in which one action and its actuality loses its firmness and our point of view through the characters becomes investable allowing different understandings to take place in the same image.