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  A limited edition of unique twenty 45 rpm record sleeves for the single by musician Meiryl Jones ‘how to recognise a work of art’ on side A and ‘all is equal in love’ in side B. The Concept aims at reinventing the music sleeve by matching each vinyl to an original drawing, everyone of […]

  • November 23, 2015

Cassils’ work Inextinguishable Fire speaks to the radical unrepresentability of certain forms of trauma and violence. How can we enact empathy when our own situation is so removed from the atrocities of torture and war? Inextinguishable Fire articulates the space where this overlap occurs. This performance for the camera feature Cassils engaged in a treacherous fire stunt. The final […]

  • November 12, 2015

  Every two years as part of the Special Program of the Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, Solyanka State Gallery undertakes field research of the current situation in Russian performance art. Such exhibits as Nine Days, Artists’ Zoo became important events as they have demonstrated collaborative efforts of the best artists in this genre: from Yelena Kovylina and Liza Morozova to Anatoly Zhigalov/Natalya Abalakova and Andrey Kuzkin. […]

  • November 3, 2015