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Duckie | Documentation by Holly Revell

  • September 27, 2015

David Hoyle | Documentation by Holly Revell

  • September 27, 2015

Jonny Woo | Documentation by Holly Revell

  • September 27, 2015

Ana Godinho de Matos is a self-shooting producer/director who heads Chameleoneye Films. She aims to produce films which inspire and capture the imagination of the audience through compelling narratives, a creatively bold approach and by choosing substance with style. By the age of twelve, Ana had lived in four continents and grew up appreciating the […]

  • September 22, 2015

Drawings and collages on various painting at The National Gallery by Pato Bosich September 2015, London. Recent drawings by Pato Bosich belonging to its series ‘Resuscitations’ which is based on its weekly visits to the National Gallery where a dialogue with the old masters materialises through direct drawing and later studio ink and wine washes on them. This […]

  • September 21, 2015

Flying Solo is the debut solo show from actress and writer Manjeet Mann. An early version of the show enjoyed a successful short run at the Camden Fringe Festival last summer, and Flying Solo is being developed from this. “Running keeps me sane, It’s about keeping myself on track, gives me a purpose, gives me a reason to […]

  • September 20, 2015

Documentation of Stolen Voices at Points of Listening, a monthly programme of listening workshops, activities and discussions based in and around London. Stolen Voices is an ongoing collaboration inspired by eavesdropping. It is about listening-in, or the way listening is always positioned in space and in time. It is about overhearing, or the stuff we add […]

  • September 9, 2015